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Carpet Steam Cleaning in St. George Utah

What's the best system to use for your carpets?

Without a doubt steam cleaning is the way to go! It may take longer to dry, but if it is done right, it will last longer than dry cleaning your carpets. The next question is which steam carpet cleaning system works best. Whether getting a carpet cleaning in St. George Utah, or somewhere else, wouldn't matter. The soap should be pre-spayed on to the areas to be cleaned. After that, the carpets should be scrubbed.

For carpets that are delicate a bonnet should be used, but if the carpet is matted down and dirty a brush should be used. The scrubbing process loosens the dirt from the carpet so the dirt will be suspended by the soap. The last step is to use a clean water rinse. That is done through the extraction process. The technician uses a wand to spay hot water on to the carpets at about 600 psi. The water temperature should be around 180 degrees or hotter. Remember the hotter the water the better the cleaning will be. With the wand the technician will extract not only the dirt, but the soap as well. If your concerned about the time it takes to dry your carpets, we will leave a fan to help you dry your carpets faster.

At The Cavalry we'll do it right. If you need us to customize the job, we can do that too. It's all about you and your needs. We'll explain to you why your carpets are getting dirty and how you can keep them looking their best between cleanings.

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