Professional & Affordable Carpet Cleaning in St. George, Utah
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When life happens on the carpet, let us get it clean!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in St. George

We love it when someone says; "I never thought our carpets would ever look that good again." Or, "You made it look better than the last guy that was here, and he was here over a year ago." Our clients include schools, hotels, senior homes and government buildings, just to name a few.

Businesses and commercial facilities everywhere depend on creating a positive impression on customers and prospective clients who visit their buildings, and nothing can ruin a good impression faster than dirty, yellowing, or stained carpeting. Coffee spills, asphalt yellowing, food stains, cooking oils, grease, and tracked-in dirt can significantly diminish carpet's appearance.

We are able to cater each client's needs. Some need us on weekends, others at night. Sometimes we have to work while they're still open. Sometimes the job is so large and the work need to get done that we work there consecutively for a few days. Our clients have been with us for years and know that we will do all that we can to make their carpets, tile and upholstery look its best. They know all they have to do is make a phone call. We take care of the rest! They know they can count on it.

Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

When it comes to commercial tile floor cleaning and polishing in St. George, UT, The Cavalry cleans showrooms, offices, kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, work areas, lobbies, halls and more. Give us a call today for more information on the best marble cleaning and polishing services. Let us give you an estimate for your next office carpet or tile cleaning project.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstered furniture at your office or hotel takes a beating over time. Especially when it's being used multiple employees, clients and customers. Dust, pollen, food and stains seep deep into the upholstery, turning your business furniture into a dirty danger zone of bacteria. To remove these contaminants and preserve the quality of your investment, call in The Cavalry for commercial upholstery cleaning in St. George, UT. We know how to tackle big business jobs and will leave your upholstered furniture clean, creating a healthier & nicer looking workplace for all to enjoy and extending the life of your upholstery.

If you need carpet cleaning done right the first time by a friendly professional with a fair price, stop reading now and call in the Cavalry! We've had quite a few experiences with carpet cleaning these past few years. None match Cavalry. We found our go-to cleaning sub. If I was ever going to put a magnet on our new refrigerator, it would be Cavalry Carpet & Furniture Cleaners. (Sorry, Jim... not ready to add magnets yet, but you are in my contacts database where it counts!)I don't need to repeat all the detail indicated by the other reviewers. My experience was similar. Are there any here that are NOT 5 stars? Excellent service. Jim worked us in on short notice after a big carpet mess problem. Friendly, conversational, professional, and a fair price. And most importantly---results the FIRST time after a challenging mess from a sick dog.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in St. George

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