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St. George Red Summer Dirt & Asphalt

It's summer time again in sunny St. George, UT. This is the time of year that your carpets can get dirty fast. Having a professional carpet cleaner come and clean your carpets is very important. Not only are people coming in and out of your home or business more frequently, what they bring in on the bottom of their shoe is a lot of asphalt residue.

As the temperature in Utah's Dixie get into the triple digits, the asphalt in all of our parking lots and road get very hot. This allows the asphalt, or tar, to accumulate on your shoes quickly. If you were to take a wet towel or rag and wipe the bottom of your shoes, you would see a black/gray color on it. That is from the hot St. George asphalt. We collect it on our shoes every time we walk on it. When we step on to the carpet, even though it's not wet, the carpet begins to wipe our shoes off, one shoe at a time. When you look at your carpets and see that black/gray color on them, you will know what it is.

We can clean your carpets and keep the dirt from getting deeper into the carpet nap. A through carpet cleaning in the whole house or office once a year, and a through carpet cleaning in the heavily used areas in the mid to late summer, will save you money on cleaning and keep your carpet looking their best. Call us and we'll schedule your carpet cleaning. Our phone number is 435-656-2300.

Fantastic job as always and a great guy to have in your home!

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